Compass Flint Fire Starter Whistle

1.Measurement: End-to-end buckle to buckle: 10 in.
Wearable circumference: Up to 8 in.
2.Color:Black/Army Green
3.Material: Nylon
4.Size: 26 X 2.1 X 0.6cm

5.Weight: 31g


1.New version of Paracord Survival Bracelet essential for all camping, outdoor, and wilderness adventures
2.Paracord survival bracelet increases survival chances by providing resources readily available on you
3.An emergency kit or gear that you can take with you without packing heavy items and worry about it getting lost as you have it on you at all times

Paracord Survival Bracelet includes:
1.Flint/Fire Starter - must have to start fires, in order to survive for boiling water, cooking game, etc...
2.Scraper/Mini Knife - used in conjunction with fire/flint started and also for cutting cords
3.Compass - accurately provide directional assistance
4.Whistle - used for signalling help
5.Unraveled paracord string - essential for tying down and securing camping equipment or gear

$ 11.65
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